The 13th China International Fenestration grand opening in Shanghai

Press time:2005-03-16

       November 11 --14 days, 2015 China International Fenestration China Construction Metal Structure Association, the European Association of doors was held at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention Centre....

       China Construction Metal Structure Association, former president of the Yao Bin, president of China Construction Metal Structure Association Hao Jiping, China Construction Metal Structure Association Secretary-General Liu Zhe, director and president of the Association of European doors and windows Association of German Hauck, deputy secretary of China Construction Metal Structure Association aluminum Fenestration Commission Chairman Huang Qi and other leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. ”

       This exhibition equipment profiles, doors and hardware systems, sealing materials and curtain wall engineering, architectural glass and building shade four pavilions, exhibits covering systems windows and doors, building profiles, architectural hardware, building shading, building glass, silicone rubber, seal Article, machinery and equipment. Exhibitor brand not only domestic brands, such as Jiayu, windows Milan, Mercer, Beike Luo, Hilo, Huajian, Asia aluminum, canonical, Kennedy Lang, the river, clouds, Kai Tak Tianchen, CSG, Xinyi Hing Fat, Wei Chang, Tylenol wind and other exhibitors, more international big names, such as Schüco, Wei Ke Kai YKK AP, Arrouk Aluk, Kemei, En Xinge like. The biggest highlight of this exhibition is the system doors and German Pavilion brings high-end products. In addition, building shading, ventilation walls and windows, as well as a wide range of wall material products dressed appearance.

       At the same time, the exhibition was also held high-level seminar earlier Tylenol wind Bao Thai sponsored, real estate and Fenestration Industry Summit, Aetna construction adhesive special dialogue architect Forum industry conference, become exhibitor docking Fenestration industry experts, the best platform for real estate companies and building designers, international experts wonderful speech allow the audience to feel the energy conservation has become an important topic of global concern.

       Currently, the country repeatedly released "Economic slowdown in the tolerable range" signal, while an orderly manner according to the established pace of reform, attitude and intensity showed strong powers of concentration and determination. The fair was held, indicating the majority of industries and enterprises in the new economic normality, when faced with structural adjustment of the market, under the background of weak demand growth, is still confident about the prospects for the future. Technical innovation, service innovation, transformation means all of the participating companies to adapt to the market, all will become the source for the future development of the industry.

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