Security windows which material is better? Do you understand?

Press time:2005-05-06

       In our modern home life, many pro for home safety, have chosen to carry out anti-theft security doors and windows. So what kind of security windows? They were what performance?

       Features stainless steel security windows

       Made of stainless steel welded assembled by punching, it is currently on the market, a commonly used anti-theft window products.
       1、Gate tube forming technology, built-in slide structure, with a thickness of 0.8 mm galvanized band steel, high-frequency welding lines, strength, surface electrostatic spraying process, lasting color, can change color according to customer demand.
       2、A classic design corners, a shape, insert type structure, easy installation, commissioning, width external expansion retracted 2-3 cm, 1 cm high can increase tone.
       3、Connecting piece with thick galvanized plate stamping, the appearance of electrostatic spraying, S-type three-point design, can greatly increase the lighting degree, and not easy to pinch the open.
       4、Tongxin choose the permanent password security locks, lock feed off entirely inlaid into the frame, double locking double open device, there are four sets of snap lock dotted fixed orientation, each lock magnetic locks, and set a lock through the opening , free open any lock side, safe and reliable.
       5、Border concave shaped design, the gate tube into bite structure, anti-twist, tamper, supporting copper core nylon pulley, sliding metal friction when no sound.

       Features wrought iron security windows

       Material rough, ordinary paint fade, rust and weld corrosion, fire emergency situations can not be opened in time hedge, and relatively bulky, shape structure, etc. are not very beautiful, there is a growing use of such Less. ”

       Features invisible security windows

       1、Invisible, beautiful, stylish, practical, does not affect the line of sight and the urban landscape, to take full advantage of available space balcony.
       2、Environmental requirements and compliance with fire when there is danger, it can quickly dismantled in a minute, do not hinder escape.
       3、Human design, intelligent stealth protection security windows have broken alarm.
       4、Each filament high loading capacity, greatly enhanced home security, home naughty children can easily play in the balcony, the window. Not block the interior lighting, 15 meters can be invisible, as if covered with a layer of invisible Shayi balcony, decorated and protection in one.
       5、Pots and expensive clothing to prevent falls, injuring passers-by.

       Security windows invisible screens currently on the market there is a comparison by consumers, it is in the past on the basis of invisible screens stainless steel tube designed to increase the security window function, this is for real security will not achieve a significant role, mainly by on top casement, owners install this security windows invisible screens are worried a child in front of a window unsafe before installation.

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