Fenestration quality relates to the overall quality of construction innovation is the survival of the shelf life

Press time:2005-10-28

       With the vigorous development in recent years, China's construction industry, increasing production of aluminum doors and windows, according to the China Construction Metal Structure Association of aluminum curtain walls and windows Commission statistics, in 2003 China's aluminum doors and windows production of 280 million square meters, 2005 of 320 million square meters, 365 million square meters in 2007, showing that China is a big country veritable windows. In a large enterprise in unitized curtain wall façade proportion of production has accounted for about 60 framed wall %%, where a substantial increase in the proportion of double-wall construction, it is not just walls breeding business needs, but also reflects the country's industries building improve overall awareness of energy conservation. Among them, the Shenyang Yuanda walls of the company in 2008 total sales of 18 billion yuan, an increase of 17%; Shenzhen, Guangdong gold curtain wall company to undertake the Guangzhou TV Tower, Guangzhou West Tower high-rise building of walls and other special projects for the domestic high-rise curtain wall engineering design and construction has accumulated Experienced.

       On the production of aluminum curtain walls and windows is undoubtedly and manufacturing country. Fenestration as the external structure of the building, its construction quality is especially important, in the annual meeting, chairman of China Construction Metal Structure Association Yao Bing from the quality of the project and the development of new ideas and innovative fenestration industry point of view, It describes the quality of the project and the intrinsic link between aluminum curtain walls and windows. Yao Bing that as a Fenestration building envelope structure should have a reasonable life and should be timely replacement; Fenestration quality is closely related with the building as a whole; Fenestration innovation in existing enterprises should comprehensively basis.

       Fenestration should have a reasonable life

       Yao Bing said that a building has any life, civil construction 50 years, important buildings 100 years. Beijing has developed specifically for engineering structures reward system, the structure is critical to the quality of ”

       In the 1980s China's aluminum windows and curtain wall construction in the initial stage, from Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States reproduces some construction curtain wall project. Later, it was suggested that a glass curtain wall light pollution problem, after the 1980s, a number of large public buildings began extensive use of building walls, using a curtain wall facade decoration materials, significant changes have taken place, a large all-glass curtain wall project is gradually reduced, then we heard the sound of light pollution is not too much. This period is the replacement of a new era of building walls, walls Times also towards a comprehensive update. Yao Bing suggested that he was more concerned about those works before the 50s of the last century, the structure prone to problems, and even high-rise buildings of reinforced concrete, fearing one day suddenly fell down. Therefore, building walls and windows as a very important building products, there are also upgrading problems.

     “Disaster prevention capability is an important factor in measuring the quality of building structures, buildings must consider disaster prevention. Such as last year's earthquake, causing serious damage to the building. Earthquake is a destructive test nature of the building structure, usually we can not do this kind of destructive experiments. There is a typhoon, Typhoon is a multi-national country, the coastal areas of wind pressure Fenestration capacity requirements are relatively high. Waterproof doors and windows is an important issue. Economically developed areas with increased productivity, building walls using relatively more, for architectural requirements even higher. In coastal areas, typhoons and tsunamis from time to time in a test of our buildings, in 1988, a typhoon in Guangdong Shantou to scratch a lot of aluminum doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows when we state standards are not stringent enough, some of the works using thin aluminum materials, with a 0.8 mm aluminum doors and windows made of course stand up to typhoons. After this incident from our aluminum doors and windows to increase the aluminum wall thickness requirements, significantly improved the quality of aluminum doors and windows.”

       Fenestration quality relates to the overall quality of construction

       Yao Bing that windows and doors and accessories have a great relationship. Architectural detail is very important to take the air after four doors and windows closed, house wall leakage, cracking and other quality problems surface, it seems not a big problem, but the victims are the people.

       Any product to a period after all in need of repair, walls and windows are in need of repair, the need for regular maintenance. Glass curtain wall will be damaged, door and window hardware accessories could damage, some doors and switches, handles and other accessories will be artificially lost, construction sealant long in the sun will fail, doors and windows and wall joint parts will leak, which would affect the Fenestration of use. Therefore, windows and doors require regular maintenance and repair products, doors and windows of the same design but also conducive to the maintenance and conducive to maintenance.

       Building doors and windows need to provide the user with a comfortable environment, functional design to meet the people's needs, turn to convenience. At present, China's doors and windows is not enough precision, product quality is not stable enough, the doors and windows developed a series of products rich enough, hardware accessories development is also lagging behind. Of course, the reform and opening up 30 years, aluminum doors and windows curtain wall industry has huge development.

       Building walls is redesigning the building, curtain wall engineering design is the architect's design philosophy, becomes beautiful coat construction projects. Architectural design, especially wall design, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the architect, and also have re-creation of works of art.

       Nearly 50 years, a large number of the world's steel buildings, especially light steel construction, coupled with the development of curtain wall technology, the wall construction of the building easier, shorten the construction period. At the same time, building walls began to use a lot of new building materials, so that the past can not be directly used in the construction of the wall material, once widely used. Walls make the building more impressive, more forms, construction has become more full of vitality.

       Doors and windows are the eyes of the building, windows determines its status and role. Era in the development, people's aesthetic ideas are also under development, architectural design and construction should continue to develop.

       Solar, wind, geothermal energy, tidal energy and other renewable energy development and utilization, for Fenestration, the solar energy is an advanced technology. Building energy consumption includes many aspects: materials, production, etc., particularly high energy consumption during use, which Fenestration energy consumption in the building is great. The state should set up China Energy Conservation Association, but also the establishment of a building Energy Professional Committee, devoted to the study of building energy efficiency issues.

       From an architectural point of view of philosophy, if you are building microscopic single building, then the macro city is building. Architecture is man-made, quality of service reflected in three buildings: First, the user is responsible, the user is God; the second is responsible for the people's livelihood, energy conservation, resource conservation and environment-friendly livelihood is responsible for the entire building, curtain wall to from people's lives, people's life to consider; the third is socially responsible, respected international is now SA8000 social responsibility system certification. Social responsibility system is the market economy humane, good production of product quality and reasonable prices.

       Fenestration should be innovative enterprise

       Yao Bing suggested that enterprises should conduct a comprehensive innovation, first of all, is the innovative business areas, to pay attention to Chinese construction companies, Fenestration business going out problems. From the perspective of the 21st century is a steel building structures starting century, but also the walls and windows of the century. To see China's curtain wall industry has become the world's architectural marketplace, force. These companies are fully capable, horizontal to the world. There are many aspects of Chinese enterprises can not restrict to the world: one for the world to understand the strategy of localization policy is not deep, single-handedly went on break. Localization policy is the use of so-called locals for you. Foreign enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises with high salaries to attract a lot of high-level technical personnel, one-third of Hong Kong people living in the same house is built by overseas Chinese, overseas companies have one-third of the local office staff, local staff localization, Their work is not necessarily heavier than mainland Chinese employees who work two-thirds of, but their wages are several times the staff is Chinese. In addition, because the Chinese people's spirit is not enough, not enough to play the role of associations. As an innovative business aspect is to go out and study strategies, research in business, in the products which work should be done.

        Secondly, innovation management. The main innovation is the innovation management of knowledge, the most cutting-edge management knowledge management, cultural management, information management, people-oriented management or humane management.

        Finally, science and technology, technological innovations, includes three aspects: First, the original innovation, the number of Chinese companies to design and create their own products, the number of inventions and patents, the number of patents, companies must have their own design and manufacture of original innovation; the second is the integration of innovation, is to all aspects of the technology used in the product; the third is the introduction of absorption and innovation. Introduce necessary to digest, digestion is necessary to absorb further innovation after absorbing, made in China by a foreign manufacturer become, by the Chinese manufacturing to become the Chinese brand.

        So as a good business, human resources, business management experts is essential. Entrepreneurs are also facing challenges, need to constantly improve. As Association to create opportunities for organizations activities, which are associations of life, the quality of the activities of the Association are the basis of life. To carry out the creation of more opportunities for corporate events, want to enterprises are thinking, be anxious enterprises.

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