Fenestration industry to open up the Russian market opportunities and challenges

Press time:2003-06-26

       Russia Building materials, especially high-grade and new materials need to import large quantities, especially Fenestration products. Russia's relatively prosperous construction, walls and windows for overseas companies to open up Russia to develop the Russian construction provides the perfect opportunity.

       The real estate market booming

       Russia's land area in the world, is quite a resource-rich country. After the financial crisis, relying on abundant natural resources and oil economy, the rapid recovery of the Russian economy. Income continued to grow, the demand for housing is also growing, huge demand-driven real estate prices soaring. According to 2008 statistics the world's most expensive real estate appraisal activities, Moscow RATES once topped the world's second throne. 2011 Development Department announced the second quarter of Russian regional federal subject real estate market average, which Moscow continues to rank first, Rate 81,400 rubles per square meter, or about $ 2,860. Russian real estate market hot stimulating demand for construction decoration materials include, Fenestration products.

       Russia is located in the northern temperate and boreal climate is cold, plastic window due to the obvious advantages of energy-saving insulation, coupled with better compared bridge aluminum price advantage, dominant position in the market, more common in residential construction. Aluminum windows due to have unique texture, is used in office buildings and residential balcony, flower bed or garden, etc.

       Chinese and Turkish products favored

       Although high quality European products, but the price is higher. In contrast, China and Turkey Fenestration products on price has a significant competitive edge. Meanwhile, Chinese and Turkish products are well-matched in quality, so no matter the market in Southeast Asia, or the Russian market, both of which are always quitting.

       It is understood that Russia across Eurasia since the economic obviously divided East and West, and a big gap between rich and poor, and some even find the difference between Eastern and Western economic development as a "gap between Latin America and Europe." In the economically more developed western region, Turkey's product, especially as high Fenestration deep-processing equipment such long-haul transport cost products, more popular. In addition to geographical advantages of Turkey's deep-rooted cultural factors are also important reasons.

       Of course, with the upgrading of Chinese enterprises manufacturing capacity, many products have reached European standards, such as Now some tops, metal parts and other products for the Russian market was gradually accepted. In addition, the Russian Far East, namely because of their belonging to the domestic economy is relatively backward areas, a lot of material to be imported from neighboring countries. In recent years, the regional distributors and construction companies often purchase delegation to China, for example, China's profile brand conch, Shide, Tech, etc. Jianmei has been with Russian companies to establish a good relationship of cooperation.

       Fenestration products rely on imports

    The trade show has learned from Russia, the Russian market Fenestration very "European", a brand clearly occupied by German, Italian products, PVC covered steel profiles, hardware, doors and windows processing equipment; second-tier brands Zeyi Turkey and China products Lord, carving up the hardware, windows and doors processing equipment and some profiles market here; and Russia's local enterprises are mostly large distributors, small manufacturing enterprises.

    At present, Russia needed Fenestration products are mainly imported from Germany, the United States, Italy, Turkey, China and other countries. It is understood that profile to Germany, Italy, as the representative of European companies supplied more than 80% of total imports of Russian profile, two-thirds come from Germany. Owns KBE, Kommerling, Tropical three brands Profine plastic window industry group is the highest market share of the Russian manufacturers. Some other well-known German company profile processors also Rehau, Veka company, Gealan company, Salamander company, LB profiles companies. Due to the properties of the profile itself, if long-distance transport will lead to higher costs, many local companies have set up factories in Russia, where the company Veka and Kommerling first company to build factories in the vicinity of Moscow.

       Market development is facing a bottleneck

    Russia's energy-saving building started late, still no requirements on energy indicators, which give energy-saving products marketing companies made it difficult, and because of the lack of relevant laws and regulations restrict the market order is not ideal.

    Moreover, the Russian customs also many drawbacks, so many traders headache. Cumbersome customs clearance procedures not say, but also costly and time consuming. Many customers went to the Russian exhibitors have encountered cases of goods or publicity materials were seized, had to take extraordinary measures to pay a "penalty" in order to cross the border. Some companies even have to wait until the show began still not received the goods, not to mention the "export" the. Most Russians do not speak English, plus cultural differences between the two countries, Chinese companies in the Russian market development more difficult.

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