Door Dealer future development: the integration of resources

Press time:2004-08-26

       Competition in the market never-ending doors, windows and doors when the broker dealer there are many questions about the product, what to do to make his team stronger position to gain an advantage in future competition in the market it?

       As the day of the competition in the market, product homogeneity more serious, more low-profit products, personnel, distribution, maintenance costs higher and higher situation, dealers faced with unprecedented distress. But the dealer can not possibly be eliminated this aspect, I remember in 2010, Ma and Wang have bet, the Internet might replace the store, but several groups of building materials network that it is never possible. Both can only go hand in hand and complement each other, both competing and complementary to each other and achieve common development. Because the dealer is generalized from the above, it is part of an important component of marketing 4P aspect plays an important role. That dealer in the existing environment exactly how to become bigger and stronger, and the future direction of what?

       Integration of resources, the future of the dealer

       It must have a strong ability to integrate resources possible auto expand, your ability to integrate how strong, there are more powerful your future. A concept not integrated distributors, there is no ability to integrate a dealer must have done little. That exactly what to integrate? How to integrate?

       A good auto manufacturers must be able to integrate resources, market resources, channel resources

       What is integration of manufacturers of resources, a dealer do bigger and stronger, we must obtain the support of manufacturers of resources, and can be effectively utilized, especially those with a certain strength of manufacturers resources. A market do bigger and stronger, the manufacturers will be invested, investment gold, investment promotion, investment promotion efforts. I encountered when traveling in Guangxi, a very powerful channel doors do dealers, was still in the investment phase of the author, the author of the manufacturers have the biggest advantage to the business after staff input light, I did not think that the business does not appreciate it, but asked sentence: "If the market should you manufacturers to develop, it is up to our dealers do what I need is that you cast two sales, then you figure out the cost, the cost of supplies directly to me, let our company to operate? We assure you want to complete sales. "This is the auto manufacturers how to integrate resources, each manufacturer has personnel put at each market in general, the core of the problem is that you can put the manufacturers who incorporate it into all his, and also can be a reasonable plan, and because easy to manage multiple roles.

       Secondly, the strength of the manufacturers funds are relatively strong in relative terms, as a distributor, how to apply resources manufacturers market the same activation key. Each dealer because the dealer's brand more, each manufacturer wants Yahuo, but the real reason for the manufacturers do not want to Yahuo, hope dealers to attach great importance to manufacturers of products, in this case, as long as the distribution Suppliers pay attention to product manufacturers, under normal circumstances, manufacturers will give strong support. We will apply a dealer Hunan very place, he took out a program that lets manufacturers support his 300,000 BEDDING, he also took out 600,000 of the funds, so that after the next customer, as long as willing to take 50000 money market operation of customers, dealers are willing to bunk twenty thousand. In this case, manufacturers, merchants shipped 900,000, but can be applied to the market, 2.25 million of funds, manufacturers, merchants, and distributors invested a total of 3.15 million of the funds to operate the market, from the dealer's point of view, the total investment only 600,000, the manufacturers concerned will put 300,000, firms are more likely to accept them, dealers are generally larger than inventories, even the backlog of funds have more than 600,000. Therefore, dealers must be integrated manufacturers, businessmen, concept market funds, ideas and abilities.

       Third, as a distributor, must have the ability to integrate market channel resources to each dealer prefecture-level city as a unit, in order to be able to channel their areas of jurisdiction of radiation, it is not possible. Specialized in the distribution of the need to build a unique system of distribution operations, customer specifically for the plant has its own unique delivery model involves the interests of many, complex relationship. So as to get a dealer as a distribution of the strength of the product, how to use various channels to the brand in the region to strengthen and expand critical. Money, downstream customers can put money into their own money, the downstream businesses can put into their own delivery vehicle delivery vehicle, we can do all kinds of channels to auto salesman into their own clerk most important. To do this difficult, but such dealers will do bigger.

       Team is the first element to strengthen and expand the achievements of dealers, there is no perfect person, only perfect team

       20th century dealers, most rely on the opportunity, by the courage, by the funds to develop, at that time are still in short supply in many sectors of the era, this part of the dealers by the pragmatic, hard to do up . But in the 21st century, business, industry, distributors of competition is no longer a simple competition, but more important is to rise to the first element of the "management" as the core, and the management of the most important is the management of people. Dealers do great, we must have a professional marketing team, professional delivery team, professional warehouse team, professional sales team store.

       The original door and window industry has been in a relatively low-end industries, employing relatively low quality, low capacity, basically turned out to be oil carpentry, along with a long time, after the customer familiar with the slowly up to the dealers, manufacturers managers or bosses. In this industry, which lags behind the competition mode forever home appliances, wine industry and so on. Appliances, competitive wine industry has reached a terminal buyout, strong brand pull, while lagging behind the doors and windows is still in the stage, but also allow customers to even out the freight shipping, delivery, etc. Especially in the windows and doors industry, dealers if they can build a relatively perfect sales team, we can achieve greater opportunities in the market.

       Now the business is relatively light, and now the business is difficult, Xiao Bian believes that the performance of most of the manufacturers are growing every year, the real estate market is more active, why is there such a situation, because times have changed. With the development of these years later, and slowly emerged a number of sales, with the mature experience of mature thinking, a certain financial strength, slowly out to do the dealers, doing business since they were born, to business very seriously, there are certain management capabilities, so some customers, when you are still a shopkeeper when maybe your clients how to pry you do not know.

       So the bigger dealers must have their own professional team, the team can do a better service, better product promotion, better market maintenance. No dealer sales team only two words "die", waiting for the brand disappeared from their hands, waiting for the market are constantly being eroded.

       Have their own brand is the best business card

       Make sure to choose the dealer to get bigger and stronger brand; also be able to have a potential of the brand bigger and stronger. Only the second groups without their own brand dealers must do, because there is no brand dealers will be no cards. Some dealers say that I do to make money on the line, do not necessarily do much. A strength of the manufacturers to look for when dealers will not go without a network, there is no brand, no teams, no service dealer, to find such auto manufacturers are generally small manufacturers, then you think to get small brands, rely on to do bigger and stronger retail do? The answer is no.

       Channel control, able to control the dealer channel is a real high-quality dealer

       Channel control will always be the core of dealers, some dealers often say so, say that the manufacturers do not reliable, sitting sitting, manufacturers or channel sink or replacement dealers, there is no sense of security, no reliability. In one respect, of course, always in control brand manufacturers, and dealers will always control channels, the dealer channel to control the control of the manufacturers, and the manufacturers can control the brand as control channels, the two complement each other.

       There had been a dealer of a line of the brand, but because philosophy is not the same, resulting in a line between the brand and some contradictions occurred, until the termination of cooperation. But the dealers in the market, channel control is very strong, with more than a dozen vehicles own distribution vehicles, with seven full-time clerk, plus delivery, store clerk add up to more than 40 employees, with a tyrant in their areas of jurisdiction He said. The back of a second-tier brand dealerships, product quality and the original brands is similar, I did not expect the year in their areas of jurisdiction, this second-tier brands from the original more than 200 million suddenly soared to over 900 million. Just to prove the dealer can control the sales channels, manufacturers of products nor is it the most important factor, the core issue is how strong your control force. And some of our dealers do Haitian, many manufacturers to find him, that I now no shortage of products, we have to do based products. But other words, we have done some big dealers, but relying on original opportunities and some of the existing brand, and if he does not the manufacturer of the product, once conflict, and he became only a dead end. Be able to control the force of super-high-quality dealer is the dealer.

       If a dealer has a powerful ability to integrate resources, we have enough team building, training, management capacity, with superior channel control and make the brand concept, so much so that dealers can not do.

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