Difficult door dealer development companies need to support multiple perspectives

Press time:2004-12-28

       With the continuous development of door and window industry, investment work has now become an effective means of many doors and windows as well as expand market space to ease the pressure. But in the actual development process, some dealers due to the neglect of the importance of the development strategy, leading to unsatisfactory profitability. In this case, the windows and doors dealers need to find the problem, targeted solution to usher in a new development situation.

       Limited market information sources doors Dealer

       For windows and doors dealers, the market changing information is particularly critical, but look at the current market windows, doors and sources of information many distributors are limited, no relevant channels to provide sufficient information to the dealer, especially News and industry information germane to the current business, and big business because every day to personally take care of, reading newspapers less time, have access to information via the Internet even less. Changes in the direction of the new trend in many markets lack of timely and effective business advice, only habits based on personal experience to make judgments, often resulting in the wrong direction.

       Dealer development affected stores

       Currently in most regions, manufacturers and dealers are single contact, if cooperation in the point of negative incidents, then because of the strength of manufacturers and distributors of intellectual resources is bigger than many, and often suffer more dealers, and manufacturers also You can find very calm in the local dealers, continue to do his business at the expense of the dealer only feel powerless and frustrated. Meanwhile, the vast majority are done in the name of the dealer windows single vendor to negotiate with the store, limited disposal commodity chips on hand, and the relatively limited experience in negotiations, likely to be the store one by one break, the store became the object of the press.

       Lack of market strategic guidance doors Dealer

       There are many dealers also understand the importance of consulting, training, and very capable of auto demand expert guidance in the development of strategic planning, but due to consulting company charges more expensive, difficult to bear from a single dealer, factory in fact, little training and some dealers with a lot of bias, targeted practical value

       Therefore, in the market more competitive market, the doors and windows must discern dealers to market changes, under the influence of many factors, windows auto develop relatively little embarrassed, recognizing market issues in the case, only identify the direction, to get the desired development.

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