Development Fenestration industry has three key

Press time:2004-05-16

       Innovation of new energy, new materials, information networks, biomedicine, energy saving and environmental protection fields ready. As with building energy efficiency is closely related to fenestration industry is no exception, must be completed as soon as the industrial structure adjustment, otherwise it can not successfully complete the "second five" during the construction of energy-saving emission reduction targets.

       Not long ago, China Construction Metal Structure Association chairman Yao Bin in the National Fenestration aluminum industry's annual conference that the national requirements at the time of the transformation of economic development mode, Fenestration industry should change the way industry and put forward three major development priorities, First, the quality, the second is technological innovation, the third is the application of solar architecture.

       Vigorously develop energy-saving technologies

       During the "Eleventh Five-Year", China's annual housing area built nearly 2 billion square meters, more than the sum of all the developed countries, the completion of the construction area, but a large part of the building is a high-energy-consuming buildings. If you do not pay attention to building energy efficiency design and applications, will directly exacerbate our energy crisis. Although the design stage of new buildings in cities and towns as of the end of 2009 the proportion of mandatory standards for energy saving of 99%, the proportion of mandatory standards for energy-efficient construction phase of the implementation of 90 percent, but in our more than 400 one hundred million square meters of existing buildings, as well as 90% above are high energy consumers. In these high-energy buildings, energy windows and doors accounted for nearly 50% of the proportion. Therefore, the key is building energy saving windows and doors. The use of new energy-saving windows and doors curtain wall, and the existing building walls and windows for energy saving is an objective requirement of China's energy situation, but also the inevitable trend of development of the market.

       In recent years, affected by the impact of building energy efficiency policies, using the ratio of energy saving windows and doors and curtain wall is gradually improving. Under the impetus of the policy, energy-saving aluminum doors and windows, glass and steel energy-saving windows and doors, aluminum-plastic composite doors and windows, a large number of new energy-saving products continue to emerge. According to incomplete statistics, the current energy-saving windows and doors throughout the building market share increased rapidly, has accounted for 50% of the windows and doors market.

       Yao Bing said, in the face of China's industrialization and urbanization accelerated reality, using high technology to transform the iron and steel, cement and other traditional heavy chemical industry, optimize the industrial structure, developing high-tech industries and modern services, is particularly important. Fenestration is especially true in the future, we must not only "Made in China", but should be concerned about the "Made in China."

       Within the industry to communicate with each other

       In order to ensure the successful completion of Fenestration industry industrial restructuring and upgrading, China Construction Metal Structure Association will focus on the development of low-carbon economy, promote the transformation and upgrading industry to carry out effective activities.

       Yao Bing said that as industry organizations, associations to implement as soon as possible and implement the government macro-economic Development Plan, focus on the development of low-carbon economy and promote industry upgrade and development of industry, "second five" development planning, and actively guide the industry to sustainable development, guidance healthy development of enterprises. Association will improve through the organization of training, enterprise visits, etc. quality of entrepreneurs, a group with Confucian moral cultivation of high-quality entrepreneurs and highly qualified professional and technical personnel; the association will give full play to the advantages of industry organizations, organize experts to carry out enterprise management, product development and other aspects of consulting services to help enterprises of scientific development, sustainable development; Association will promote all-round, multi-level exchange activities to encourage internal trade exchanges, encourage international exchanges, to help enterprises build alliances, partnerships to improve their management capacity.

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