2003 The 15th China International Door Industry Exhibition Online Exhibition started

Press time:2003-03-18

       Sponsored by the China International Door Industry Exhibition Organizing Committee, Bo home world (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. the contractor, Beijing Visteon a good exhibition planning Co., Ltd., a joint operation of the home network 2016 The 15th China International Door Industry Exhibition online Exhibition will be fully open, the event received strong support Chinese door industry media alliance, but also business visitors and exhibitors "Gospel."

    2003 The 15th China International Door Industry Exhibition will be held in Beijing (Shunyi) China International Exhibition Center in March 2003 23-26. Show undertaken since 2002, because of its large scale, professional and strong, with remarkable results, to be fully affirmed and highly recognized companies of the industry, the industry as "leading the development of the industry benchmark and booster", has become the door at home and abroad custom home industry and integrated platform of choice for exhibitors.

       Online and offline so that exhibitors maximize the effect of combination

       As we all know, Beijing Door Industry / custom home exhibitions are renewed annually four days, exhibitors and visitors for effective communication and cooperation only in four days, "quick fix", which would make some viewers can not with the intention of participating companies deeper exchanges, even because of the large scale of the show, when part of the visitors miss part of the enterprise; in addition, there are still some businesses or visitors for various reasons unable to participate in the exhibition. Therefore, every year the show will give a portion of the audience and exhibitors regret.

       However, online door opening will make up the exhibition "regret." Compared with offline events, online exhibition will show a continuation of the line four days to 365 days, but also to compensate for regional limitations, the show's brand and products for domestic and overseas audience via the Internet, which will provide further opportunities for the enterprise. Also, the online exhibition is free and open society oriented, dealers can at any time in a long time, and any place involved in product browse, purchase, convenient and fast.

    2003 The 15th China International Door Industry Exhibition will be on-line, combined with the line, to bring all aspects of three-dimensional propaganda, enterprise and exhibits not only be able to participate in the traditional exhibition for visitors and buyers, but also directly facing the country even the global market without a lot of manpower, material resources, both to expand the effect, but also saves costs, making exhibitors and visitors participating maximize the effect.

       Online exhibition brings the most complete and powerful service experience

       Show entities will end after online exhibition online operations a year, its contents not only include: Exhibitors enterprise content information, investment information, product information, corporate culture, and a blank area, etc., also added a key collections business, online consulting, to discuss cooperation, matching dealer recommended, recommended, etc. intention to promote cooperation functions, dealer online at the end of the show is still looking to find manufacturers through online exhibition, look at the product, and ultimately to achieve cooperation.

       In addition, the exhibition also opened a burst online product recommendation, spike, limited investment policy and other eye-catching online activities to attract attention of dealers nationwide exhibitions and exhibitors to achieve branding and cooperation leading to the ultimate goal.

       Importing more than 200,000 full three-dimensional flow propaganda

    Online door exhibition by full three-dimensional propaganda, will produce more than 200,000 traffic import for enterprise promotion maximum efforts.

    Including: serving China International Door Industry Exhibition's official website, the best home network advertising; previous China International Door Industry Exhibition 600,000 spectators phone number MMS bulk online exhibition site; soft paper written at home, Sohu home, Sina home, Netease, SouFun, Tencent and other Asia-door exhibition home media platform to promote cooperation; 30000 dealer circle of friends propaganda; China international Door Industry Exhibition, doors news bulletins and other official micro-channel platform for publicity; and during the exhibition line fixed advertising, sweep the two-dimensional code to visit the exhibition hall and other activities, to bring the most comprehensive exhibition of three-dimensional information.

    Fully open the door online exhibition will show online, and offline combined for the exhibition bring greater benefits. We firmly believe that combination will be able to make Beijing door exhibition become the industry "most", whether it is online or offline will be unbeatable! More details, stay tuned.

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