The meaning of mesh specification parameter

Press time:2017-03-14

    Let’s take 53T-55(135mesh) as example.

    “53” means there are 53 holes per cm

    “T” means standard thread diameter

     “55” means the thread diameter is 55 microns

    “135 mesh” means there are 135 holes per inch

    For “T”, there are 3 kinds: S, T, HD

    “S” : A thinner thread diameter, so more ink is applied to the substrate. Ideal for opaque printing to textiles, for example 53S-48(135mesh).

    ”T” : Standard mesh thread diameter, used for most printing jobs, for example 53T-55(135mesh).

    “HD” : Heavy duty mesh thread diameter, used for where the mesh may be subject to excessive wear from sharp objects or abrasive ink, for example 53T-70(135mesh).

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