The reasons why the security mesh are easily off paint

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When we finished the production of stainless steel wire mesh, we need to check the quality of it. How to check whether the quality is ok? There are some stainless steel wire mesh testing methods:

There are some reasons why the security mesh are easily off paint..

1.The quality of the powder is not good

The powder quality means the the particle size of the powder is not the same. That will made the powder is not sufficiently melted when it is at high temperature, so the powder adsorption force becomes smaller.

2.Temperature is not enough

After the good quality powder sprayed on the security mesh, the security mesh should be sent to the oven. Before the mesh sent to the oven, the temperature in the oven should be above 200 degrees. If the temperature less than 200 degrees, the powder can not sufficiently melted when it is in the oven, which will made the powder can not fixed on the mesh very well.

3.Mesh quality is not good

Before spraying, the mesh must be clean and sanitary, surface can not have dust and grease. Unsanitary surface will also affect the powder adsorption.

4. Round shape of the mesh wire

The shape of the wire is round, the adsorption effect of the spraying on the arc shape is not as good as on plate.

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