The classification and usage of stainless steel wire mesh

Editor:MAISHI wire mesh

We could classify the stainless steel wire mesh by two different ways:

1)nbsp;Classification the stainless steel wire mesh by weaving type:
            ① Plain weave ② Twill weave ③ Plain dutch weave
             ④ Twill dutch weave ⑤ Reversed dutch weave If you’re not clear about the details of above weaving type, we have detailed description on WWW.CNMAISHI.COM, or you could send email to SALES@MAISHIMFG.COM, we’ll send you the details accordingly.

2)Classification the stainless steel wire mesh by material:
    Stainless steel 201 wire mesh
    Stainless steel 304 wire mesh
    Stainless steel 304L wire mesh
    Stainless steel 316 wire mesh
    Stainless steel 316L wire mesh, etc.
    MAISHI WIRE MESH MANUFACTURE can produce all the common material on the market, you could visit WWW.CNMAISHI.COM or send email to SALES@MAISHIMFG.COM to get more detailed information.

MAISHI WIRE MESH MANUFACTURE stainless steel wire mesh can be used in many different fields: screening and filtering in acid or alkali conditions; Used in petroleum industry; Used for screening and filtering in chemical industry; Used for pickling wire mesh in galvanizing industry, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, scientific research and transportation industries, but also the production of meal net, coal washing net, etc.

If you need more information, welcome to visit WWW.CNMAISHI.COM or send email to SALES@MAISHIMFG.COM, MAISHI WIRE MESH MANUFACTURE in at your service all the time.

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