Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Testing Methods

Editor:MAISHI wire mesh

When we finished the production of stainless steel wire mesh, we need to check the quality of it. How to check whether the quality is ok? There are some stainless steel wire mesh testing methods:

The stainless steel wire mesh shall be tested on a ground glass test stand with uniform light source. If the hole size of the mesh is large than 1.00, then the mesh can be tested samely without light source.

1.Testing of woven quality

Test the stainless steel wire mesh with our eyes or a magnifying glass. Defective places should be clearly marked.

2.Testing of stainless steel mesh size

Choose three places arbitrary, which has 5 meters distance with each other, and the three places should be more than 20mm from the mesh edge. Then we can check the mesh size is standard or not.

3.Testing of surface quality

As for the surface quality, we can check it with our eyes. For width and length, we can use the measure or counter measuring whether it is standard or not.

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