Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Aperture And Wire Diameter Ratio

Editor:MAISHI wire mesh

We write this article aiming to tell you what kind of stainless steel wire mesh can be woven and what can not from the ration of the hole size and wire diameter.

Normally, for square hole stainless steel wire mesh, the ration of hole size and wire diameter should be greater or equal to 1. It is hard to woven if the ration is less then 1, and the maxium limit is 0.7.

For high mesh count stainless steel wire mesh, if the ration between 1-1.5, mostly do Twill weave.

But if the ration smaller than 1.35, it is better to adapt Twill weave, the ration is bigger than 1.5, should adapt Plain weave for following reasons.

If you adapt twill weave when the ration is bigger than 1.5, the warp wire and weft wire doesn’t interwoven tightly, which will leading to wire mesh oblique.

If you adapt plain weave when the ration is less than 1.35, most of the warp wire will broken, which will greatly incease difficuly of weaving.

Hope this will do some help to you.

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