How eliminate 304 stainless steel mesh magnetic ?

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201,304,316,316L stainless steel mesh material is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic. 201 stainless steel mesh material is usually what people say, non-magnetic nickel-free stainless steel wire mesh, 304,316,316L material is generally non-magnetic stainless steel wire mesh, but these materials stainless steel wire mesh in the weaving process or during use after friction in the production, will have a certain magnetism, stainless steel mesh after production and we will be treated to remove the magnetism. But the mesh will produce friction when the customers using it , and therefore will be more or less the magnetic, non-magnetic requirement is absolutely impossible.

The reasons as follows:

304 stainless steel mesh composition segregation during smelting or not so good heat treatment, it will cause a small amount of martensite or ferrite separate out. Then it appeared few magnetic in 304 stainless steel.

Furthermore, after cold producing of 304 stainless steel mesh, the organizational structure will be transformed to martensite, the greater the degree of cold deformation, more martensite transformation, the greater the magnetic steel. To eliminate the above-mentioned causes magnetic 304 stainless steel wire mesh, we can restore austenite high temperature solution treatment, thereby erasing magnetic.

1. Austenitic stainless steel wire mesh: I304,321,316,310, etc;
2. Martensitic or ferritic stainless steel wire mesh: such as 430,420,410 and so on;
Austenitic type is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, martensite or ferrite is magnetic.

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