Sieve size and particle size

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       Mesh refers to the number of empty eye per square inch sieve, 50 mesh refers to perforations per square inch on a 50, 500 mesh is 500, the higher the mesh, the more perforations. In addition to showing mesh eye holes, it also can be used to represent the particle size by sieve particles, the higher the mesh number, the smaller the particle size, standard sieve vibrating sieve machine standards need to meet in order to accurately determine.

       Powder particle size, said particle size. Since the particle shape is very complex, usually sieving grain size, sedimentation particle size, equivalent volume particle size, surface area and particle size equivalent of several representation.

       Sieve size particles that can pass through the screen mesh size to 1 inch (25.4mm) sieve number within the width of the screen said that has been termed "mesh."

       Standard mesh number | granularity table:

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