The doors of businesses "Internet anxiety"

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       From the beginning of the last two sessions Internet + concept on fire now, in the past year "net development", "Internet + doors", "doors electricity supplier," these words bombarded Industry News, it is well known in the mobile Internet age, more and more consumers no longer rely on the traditional one-way media and information output, thanks to the development of the Internet, more and more they mastered the right to speak, and are willing to interact with it to make business reaction.

       First, the doors of the company's "Internet anxiety."

    Which is why the lack of understanding and unfamiliar, "Internet anxiety" has become the doors of businesses "high incidence." Because more and more companies recognize the traditional wooden doors - overlooked role of the Internet in business operations and the impact of the final suffering only their own involvement. But the face of the Internet trend they often seem passive and dull, can not have been "the first to eat crab" role. From last year's double eleven electricity supplier, the doors of businesses after wading doors electricity supplier for many years, finally entered the billion club electricity supplier. But from the upcoming 3.15 survey, household electricity supplier industry problems are mainly concentrated in the sale, installation logistics. Perhaps anxious than business use the Internet to sell products, companies take advantage of Internet marketing has become a good way.

    Second, convert the doors of businesses thinking

    So in this situation, the thinking and practices of how the Internet really help home building materials industry enterprise?, Consumers can participate, experience and timely interactive "social marketing" has increasingly become the doors of the company's marketing "reverse passage "of the road.

    User-oriented social marketing to the Internet by means of thinking based on social media platforms, between the user and the brand to establish a deep emotional connection bridge, and finally let the traditional building materials enterprises in the hearts of the majority of users play a nice turn over battle.

    Look at the wood industry, almost all the "traditional enterprise", go basically the old ways are the traditional enterprise, marketing is also worth mentioning. In fact, for the doors of businesses, with auto power to boost social marketing is a good choice. In addition, the doors can also learn a new marketing learning path. Break through the current situation, to find a new pattern. Compared to the doors of the trend in electricity providers, large wooden products and wooden products of head-FMCG, as ingenious paradigm shift, with marketing to attract sales.

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