March steel market still has room to rise

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       As of 26, February steel out of the shock upward trend, steel composite price index rose 4.25%. Different categories, long products price index rose 3.68%, flat material price index rose 4.94%. Out of the iron ore prices fell slightly after the rapid trend tensile comprehensive price index rose 8.79%, the imported ore price index rose 12.04%, domestic ore price index rose 3.81%, in line with expectations.Outlook March steel market supply and demand pressure is still relatively small, different regions, different species, different city mixed, the overall steel prices are still up space.

       The main factors that the steel market in March, is bad:
         First in terms of gains, as of February 25, integrated steel, thread, hot-rolled, cold plate, galvanized, plate prices were up 221,282,279,400,264,286 yuan / ton, Australia, 62% of the fine ore also rose $ 11 / ton, thread and iron ore benchmark contract rose 303 yuan and 89 yuan, or has a large-than-expected, some species have formed a mini-reversal, is rare in recent years increase;
         Secondly from the time of speaking, this round of rising steel market, from the beginning of December last year, has been shock upstream three months, the past few years is the rise in recent years, the longest time; again, see the support conditions the end of February, early March in output rebounded slightly, while the incremental demand the release is not obvious. According to my investigation of steel, 26 steel, hot-rolled sentiment index, plate, structural steel fell 51.69,55.27,60.34,60.22, especially rebar sentiment index fell 31.22 WoW, cold rolled sentiment index fell to 43.83, it shows that market pressures. Thus, the end of February, early March the market, a slight correction in the market outlook is more conducive to continued upward.
         In addition we also pay close attention to demand the release of recovery in output and the intensity, pace, if the price rises too much performance out of the supply and demand balance, the callback will follow also expanded.

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