Hengshui City, Anping wire mesh beachhead African market

Press time:2016-03-18    From:http://hs.hebnews.cn/2016-02/24/content_5354659.htm

       Hengshui News - Since last year, Hengshui City, Anping around the building "economic County, beautiful Anping," the development goals, in close connection with the national "along the way" strategy, through the exhibition abroad, exports, to establish direct distribution offices in foreign countries, etc. "going out", in April last year, the county set up representative offices in South Africa and screen exhibition center, through the establishment of the website, the issuance of samples, advertising, participating in local professional exhibition, widely publicized "South Africa Anping wire mesh" to promote their products, open up foreign markets.

       South Africa as an important part of the Maritime Silk Road, Anping wire mesh industry as traditional media, targeting emerging markets in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and other African countries, with the help of foreign experts in Hebei Bureau, insisted that the government set up the stage from enterprise management, investment of more than 400 million yuan to build the "Hebei Anping economic Development office in South Africa" and "China Anping Wire mesh exhibition Center", and for the South African market demand, the selection of 10 outstanding enterprises in the county settled exhibition Center, using "seven unified" sales model, unified use "security net" brand, long-term exhibition Anping wire mesh and other exhibits, the South African businessmen have been warmly welcomed and affirmed.

    In the meantime, South African Trade and Industry, the Gauteng provincial government to grow and Development Agency (GGDA) co-hosted with the delegation Anping "Johannesburg - Anping Economic and Trade Fair", the fair, the delegation of entrepreneurs and Anping South Africa, Mozambique , more than 100 merchants in Namibia and other countries signed the intention of selling more than 20 million.

    Currently, from Anping it shipped more than 60 containers of wire mesh products to enter the African market, trading volume of 400 million US dollars. At the same time, successfully docked with the official South Africa, the 2016 plan in Special Economic Zone Gauteng, South Africa "Anping Wire Mesh Industrial Park", Anping wire mesh into the emerging markets in Africa has become the first echelon.

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