Learn more about the use of stainless steel mesh precautions

Press time:2015-08-23

       1. to be cautious when moving and to be flat on the shelves, because the stainless steel mesh wrinkles can not be restored; get off the course should be avoided;

       2.When torn mesh screen can be flat on the operating table, cut two small ports (a distance of about 0.5cm), small mouth with one hand hold the outer edge of the screen, one hand pinch the middle of the cut screen, you can force a tear.

       3.High tension requirements of stainless steel mesh, to consider the affordability of the frame should be used have a certain strength metal frame, such as thick aluminum frame, cast aluminum frame and so on, otherwise it will affect the stability of the screen tension

    4.The frame should be smooth, or easy nets;

       5. The frame should be as large a number, length and width of at least twice the length and width of the squeegee squeegee to avoid when pressed, the screen is too large deformation.

       6.the use of high-grade plastic stick network and stretching machine;

       7.Stretching, corners have left the right amount of allowance to avoid excessive tension on the corner and nets;

       8.Stretching tension to tension on the technical data sheet subject to appropriate adjustments, but never make the network to the limit tension, otherwise mesh elastic deformation from the transition to plastic deformation, but permanently loses its elasticity, causing tension rapid decline;

       9.Stretching process, alternately from two directions warp and weft, it increases tension, and continue to test the tension; tension value close to the requirements of increased tension to be very carefully balanced upgrade; when the tension reached, to stabilize for 15-30 minutes and then measured again pull;

       10.When printing from the first small net, small squeegee pressure began testing, and gradually increase until satisfactory results.

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