Windows "net" Do not blindly take "all chips + public a" grasp the market

Press time:2011-09-19

       With the rapid development of the Internet, businesses "net" has become a trend. Windows and doors industry also read the best sails began to move back to force electricity suppliers, but based on the characteristics of windows and doors, windows and doors in the presence electricity supplier business strategies do not blindly follow the crowd, in addition to the positive interaction in the economic fans, online and offline , logistics and services sectors under the foot effort, but you can also use the "all chips + public a" business model to win the market.

       Today, our businesses are using the Internet to create a new development model, the traditional industry "touch" after the network is also gradually release the multiplication effect. Windows and doors industry market is vast, and the marriage of the Internet has gone a difficult way, most companies are still a lot of burn, many companies therefore overwhelmed. So, some people ridicule doors into a business is "do not die on the electricity suppliers, electricity suppliers on the court death," the dilemma.

       Analyze the reasons behind generally include: Door products are mostly durable goods, consumer goods, but also low frequency, large footprint, relatively high cost, product features, consumer needs and buying habits, limits the electricity supplier of windows and doors industry; doors and windows belong consumption experience economy, relative to the virtual online store, traditional consumers of the line store experience more at ease. However, embrace the Internet is the trend, in the face of this reality, the doors and windows industry must first think of how to do the job to understand.

       First, build brand windows and doors Fans economy. When developing mobile millet, hundreds of thousands of consumer advice; when the new on-line, buying millions of consumers to participate. Millet phone do each other close to the consumer and the brand, and consumers to participate in all aspects of brand development. In the Internet age, information organization structure has undergone profound changes, the windows and doors industry should grasp this change, increase the viscosity of fans contributed their share to spread. Doors and windows industry the main consumer gradually to "80", "90" shift, they generally have the Internet thinking, windows and doors industry should take advantage of consumer word of mouth marketing and communication on the Internet.

       Second, positive interaction online and offline. Today, some doors and windows and store tangle is to focus on development issues online or offline, but in fact, the development of online and offline development are not contradictory. Online consumption simplifies the traditional consumer circulation, to some extent alleviate the businesses and consumers of information asymmetry problem, help dig consumption potential. In other words, let the mall electricity supplier of the industry from a closed to an open, so that the limited customer becomes infinite consumers, consumers can choose and then go online and offline experience. "Actually Online" is the mall for the next line service, no sales assessment targets, bear only assist line under task mall electricity supplier development is a "lower online sales, offline experience" model.

    Again, good logistics and service sectors. The rapid development of logistics, delivery speed and service has been improved. For windows and doors industry, most companies long production cycle, the use of "market ability" mode, it is difficult to meet the "small fast spirit" of market demand, while the larger product, if inventory increases, the cost will be empty high on the business enterprise is a great challenge. Windows and doors industry must take full account of these risks, optimize distribution sectors, improve service quality.

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