When the market turns for the better? Doors industry in the future development of three major speculation

Press time:2015-05-18

       In 2014, more than 2015 have gone bad, then how in 2016 the market will not be worse than 2015? This has become doors and windows companies competing to explore the topic. While everything can not hazard a guess, but because there must be fruit, philosophy tells us, can be predicted on the basis of respect for the objective laws of the development trend of future things.

       A speculation:Doors and windows market will improve this year it?

       Baptism by the market for windows and doors industry, we are most concerned about is the future trend of the year, whether the doors this year the market will continue to decline? In the end have to endure long? Yanghongxu renowned real estate experts point out, the doors and windows industry is particularly concerned about the sales of real estate and trend, our 2016 judgment, the entire real estate industry is the risk to fail, sunny and students. Central Policy proposes to focus on real estate this year to the inventory, the national real estate sales point of view, the national property market sales growth in 2015 of 7.4%, which is good news for door and window industry.

    So when the market turns for the better? Many doors dealers pessimistic that, despite last year's second-hand housing transactions highs, spurred this is a family company building materials and decoration of straw hand housing renovation business, but the retail market this year should also doors will continue to decline, may be weaker than last year, the market is never going from 2007 to 2009 heyday.

    Second, this year there will be speculation how marketing trend?

    When the bargain will completely break mode, in 2015 the factory buying patterns become mainstream, this will be what the marketing trend? Industry insiders pointed out that the design has become the only lever pry doors and downstream industries, in 2016, to design for the theme of the campaign will become the mainstream, so that consumers participate in the design, brand awareness of the product to the identity or will become this year's marketing trends.

    For windows and doors dealers, in 2016 there is a very important proposition is how to profit from the network? The past few years, looking at companies in the electricity business development efforts continue to strengthen, divide up the market share, all the dealers have been entangled or not do the regional electricity providers, how do the regional electricity providers. e Housing Network general manager Deng Yanping believes that the biggest cost of Internet user acquisition costs, in fact, the dealer can benefit from advanced network management software and store the old customer resources, a large number of low-cost sales information released by pulling new and old customers customers, self independent network channels, showing the image of integrity, obtain the favor of consumers.

    Guess three:This year will not appear closures?

    By 2015, the windows and doors industry enterprise bankruptcy a few, in 2016, in the economic environment not under major positive context, or whether this industry phenomenon last? From the main producing areas of the Pearl River Delta, Shunde Longjiang, Houjie Dongguan, Zhongshan town and other major home building materials industry clusters upstream material suppliers survey data show that 84% of the upstream suppliers reflect, take the volume of home building materials plant in 2015 at the lowest historical data, take shipments fell more than 50%; only 6% of suppliers believe the market is not affected. Because the benefits of the finished plant decline, upstream suppliers is difficult to get back the money, home business owners on foot event prevalent.

    Guangdong Province Association executive president Jiang Dehui home industry pointed out that in recent years, windows, wood floors, custom, doors and windows more than a dozen categories of shuffle is just the beginning, the degree is not enough. During the long process of marketization, more and more doors enterprises due to the operation and development reasons, have quit the industry, it also gives above-scale enterprises more market space. Windows and doors industry for many years of extensive development, has become the industry criticized the fatal factors, industry consolidation and re-brand highly centralized imperative.

    This is the future development of the three windows and doors industry speculation, with some reference value, doors and windows have to prepare for in advance.

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