Survival of the fittest is inevitable wood industry enterprises can integrate development

Press time:2010-08-15

       With China's economic development has entered a normalization, wood industry also suffered a lot of obstacles in the process of integration and shuffling, and continue to test the viability of enterprises. However, the difficulties are temporary, long-term competition, consolidation is continuing, which is wood industry norm, which we must face the reality, only front doors of the industry trend of enterprises in order to gain the upper hand in future competition .

       First, the survival of the fittest is bound

       Dilemma wood industry is not terrible, terrible is the plight of those who have thought the helm, any industry there is a surplus from production capacity to produce, to the status of shopping. Appliance industry after shopping, there is no scale enterprises naturally be eliminated, leaving to all one hundred billion and ten billion business. The wood industry, many brands, uneven, in this case, is the well of the doors of businesses will be a drag. Not to say that Chinese companies do not come out the doors, but most small businesses rely on prices to win market, at the expense of quality, and ultimately drag the healthy development of the industry, the other hand, exports to Japan of products through a rigorous inspection, much higher than the standard domestic requirements. In this case, its universal high-quality to win the hearts of Chinese consumers. Therefore, for the plight of the doors of businesses we face today, I believe that is a good thing, a superior and eliminating the inferior keep a good opportunity. In this case, only the good quality and brand capacity of enterprises, have the opportunity to integrate other potential but not necessarily high-quality companies.

       Second, the development of enterprise integration

       Consolidation in the wood industry which this year become a more popular term, the integration between both companies, but also the integration of upstream and downstream, as well as the integration of customer resources. In a bad year, the market situation, various service platforms have emerged, on the one hand to undertake the online business, the other to develop new customers. In the wood industry consolidation trend conditions, as the doors of the business entity, the agents have a need for full integration of the respective set of resources, there is a chance to achieve the goal 1 + 1 greater than 2. But in the integration, integration team and the idea is the most important. In the process of integration, from familiar territory to advance to unfamiliar territory, the concept of talent and experience of this process is most important.

       Industry competition, there is shuffling, shuffling and re-allocate resources on behalf of a client's industry, in the process, shuffling person has a natural advantage, not only to achieve lower costs shuffling others, can also be formed after the reshuffle a market advantage. With the growing increase brand and terminal operating costs, small-scale, purely relying on product price advantage wooden doors, first tasted the pain of the market is bound, customers scarce, rising rents, some brands even the majority of store sales and rentals operating costs are not enough, let alone sustainable development. For an industry, to wash these enterprises, it is the basis for a healthy development of the industry, only when the industry which form a correct concept of competition, focus on product quality, marketing mode through differences rather than the huge price differences to achieve a competitive, the industry is relatively healthy.

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