Stainless steel doors and routine maintenance tips

Press time:2015-02-13

       Stainless steel has become a symbol of home improvement in recent years, has been widely applied to various fields, doors, windows and more can be freely processed completely build their own stainless steel doors and windows. Of course, widely used stainless steel doors and windows, then we need to know is stainless steel doors and windows maintenance, so as to live in the future, so that the stainless steel doors and windows more robust, durable, extend their useful life. About stainless steel doors and windows, said most people are familiar with, as it has spread around us, everywhere supplies need to understand.

       What is stainless steel doors and windows?

       As the name suggests is the use of stainless steel doors and windows made of stainless steel materials processing, comparison with conventional doors, the most intuitive difference is that different materials, slightly different senses. Stainless steel doors and windows processing, the color will be more beautiful, but the phenomenon does not appear rusty iron, wood pests against the phenomenon, there is good moisture, waterproof function. And now the stainless steel doors and windows with the constant breakthroughs in technology, there has been a lot of pattern technique, similar to hollow, filled with technology, by the unanimous praise and love.

    Stainless steel doors and windows of the production process

    In fact, the production of stainless steel doors and windows, can really be regarded as a technology, so it appears a lot of stainless steel production of master and apprentice. General stainless steel processing shop, are purchased from the whole of stainless steel manufacturers, then in accordance with customer demand, cut into different size specifications, processing, installation. Doors and windows throughout the home improvement process, we need to measure data field, production of master then assembled according to the size of windows and doors rivets, welding and other technical means, the last in the field of customer installations.

       Stainless steel door and window maintenance There tips

    Choose quality and reliable stainless steel doors and windows, although we have more confidence for security, but stainless steel doors and windows maintenance was able to make it more durable, so make yourself better value for money. Stainless steel door frames, window frames, doors, all we need with a soft, dry cloth, wipe the soiled material so that both doors and windows, and also give the windows provide a dry environment; do not go to be able to release stainless steel with a hard object and glass, is likely to cause scratches aesthetic impact; do not use corrosive liquids to clean stainless steel, causing unnecessary metal chemical reaction, so that deformation of the stainless steel doors and windows, damaged; stainless steel doors and windows in the process, the best action to slow, avoid gravity damage.

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