Internet era thinking to be changed windows and doors Sales

Press time:2013-11-23

       Internet "is a number of applications, business models and new technologies integrated organization transformation, is a new business form in this big Internet era, change their thinking is the most important. Through the Internet, people not only to get rid of the doors and windows sales of thinking, with a new perspective, to look at our industry, this is the Internet gives us the greatest benefit.

    Windows and doors industry transformation and upgrading of the road, a lot of windows and doors industry, the Internet can play a role. For example, in the production, the Internet can put sales data, inventory data and production data to get through the entire process. Retail side to capture market demand with more variety, shallow inventory, sales presentation tool to promote drainage. Supply chain based on the best-selling different products, flat sales, poor sales situation flexible production, continuous replenishment, ensure continuous product life cycle of goods to the maximum extent, but there is no excess inventory. These can all be solved through Internet technology.

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