Doors leveraging brand marketing can also be multi-channel sales

Press time:2011-05-16

       Wood industry downturn is something the entire industry, but as the top of the food chain businesses often choose the crisis passed on to consumers and dealers, but that long-term development of the brand in exchange for only short-term interests, value and worth is not difficult to measure, mostly from good dealers with a systematic strategy is to create a sound once and for all, all doors of the brand do not know who caught them.

       80.90 After gradually become the main consumer market, in addition to cost-effective products have a certain demand, consumer demand for personalized and creative product also has a very high demand, the dominant idea in this society, the doors of businesses to fight the products are "Thought "products, product rich culture, diverse channels to attract, satisfy consumers.

       First, by brand sales force

       Present era, competition among enterprises is not only competition competing brands and products, as well as marketing tools. Junior companies to sell products, in a very business selling services, advanced business is to sell ideas. Obviously, all the industries most companies marketing concept just stop at the primary and secondary levels, the wood industry as well. Under the trend of consumer groups increasingly refined, the doors of businesses can not cover everything, goals of "selling ideology" is the last choice.

       For a wooden door enterprises, selling products is the ultimate purpose of selling services to increase product sales, enhance brand awareness, sell thinking this whole situation is a strategic approach to business is the core. The doors of businesses in order to enhance the team's marketing level, it is necessary to realize a premium brand by selling services, in the minds of target consumers establish a good brand image. While the core product is similar, but the service can make up for deficiencies on the core products.

    Any company's products can not fully ahead of the competition, it can only have their own strengths, as marketers is to the target customer needs, design surpass in some way is the most important. Once the client has agreed with this idea, it agreed with the company's products. In this case, the sales staff selling is an idea, a marketing staff summed up the unity of "selling point." Enterprises in order to rise to the realm of thought to sell, the first is clear which part of the human services. In the doors of the market increasingly competitive today, any for-profit enterprise must establish a "just some people services" concept.

    Second, diversified promotional products

    The beginning of reform and opening up, China marketing channels tend to compare single, with the acceleration of the process of the market, the doors of enterprises with strong brand power began the transition from a single channel to pluralism channels, gradually, is a diversified enterprise marketing channel acceptance and recognition, many doors of businesses to begin to explore a wide range of channels, achieved good market performance.

    Diversification of marketing channels to enable enterprises to get rid of the shackles of traditional channels, to meet the enterprise market segment strategy and differentiation strategy, to enhance corporate brand and product market coverage played a role in fueling.

    With the widespread use of marketing channel diversification strategy, it also brings a lot of market issues, such as channel conflict, distribution of interests, channel management and control, costs and other channels. However, an effective tool if used was appropriate marketing channel diversification strategy or marketing channel innovation.

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