Doors industry forecast 2012 Keywords: resolving overcapacity

Press time:2012-06-18

       In recent years, the real estate downturn, resulting in the sharp drop in demand for home building materials, wood industry because of its early start, brand names, large capacity, in the event of the winter market, a serious overcapacity. This year, the total turnover of wooden products is still downward trend, the majority of the doors of businesses through promotions, price cuts and other marketing and sales to inventory mention, but poor results. 2016, wood industry focus, perhaps still to capacity.

       Demand is ahead of overdraft building materials industry overcapacity serious

       2010--2011 年 regarded as the building materials industry recent boom, after that, with the introduction of strict control policies of the real estate, building materials fell sharply demand, coupled with a soft landing for the economy slowing down, changing real estate-dependent economic structure, resulting in building materials industry as a whole into a recession, while the pre-big Menggan expand production capacity but can not be effectively resolved.

    According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that since entering in 2015, building materials and industrial production growth rate down, the main product prices continued to decline, the overall performance of steady downward trend evident, sharp economic decline, downward pressure on the industry to continue to increase. Accompanied, it is the real estate industry recession. "The rapid growth in the past few years has caused the doors of overdraft in advance." Insiders pointed out that, over the past decade, China's infrastructure and the rapid development of the real estate industry to promote the wood industry has been rapid development. But because demand is ahead of overdraft, the wood industry is facing serious overcapacity.

       To lead the market development of the industry production capacity to process will continue

       The result is excess capacity caused by the sharp drop in profits, and even large losses. In 2015, the doors of industry profits have fallen sharply, in some areas even opened a "see who can afford to lose," the big competition. The current wood industry, although half of enterprises to maintain a profit, but the reality is that many companies are in the recessive loss.

       Meanwhile, at the national level have also introduced a lot of the development of the New Deal to guide the market, in the "area all the way," the guidelines, many doors of businesses out of the country to speed up the pace. Leading enterprises have been the first to set up factories in foreign countries, the elimination of backward production capacity, upgrading its industries. Home building industry law presented "Development - Prosperity - Excess - recession - Development - boom" cycle. Currently, the process is the rise and fall of the real estate industry and the real estate industry has obvious signs of recovery yet. Expects 2016 industry keywords doors, will focus on "resolving overcapacity," the capacity to process industries, is still far from over.

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