Doors and windows need to focus on regional industrial structure and layout

Press time:2014-08-18

       Currently, the entire home building industry downturn trend has become an indisputable fact, in recent years, due to the large economic environment, companies have also caught the shackles of development among the windows and doors business is no exception. Nowadays, more and more companies began to seek restructuring of the road, but in the transformation of the road, companies need to identify the direction of transformation.

       Home building industry is facing challenges in transition

       From the development of the market situation, along with the deepening of reform and opening up, the coordinated development of central and western China, the emergence of a new round of industrial transfer, windows and doors industry inevitably want to gradient transfer. Doors and windows may also wish to rely on the advantage of China's vast economic region to advance the Midwest, in the land of China is flourishing, market-driven industry, to create a complete industrial chain, to win the national market.

    With the global economic downturn in recent years, traditional doors and windows industry faces shrinking market situation of rising costs, coupled with the traditional labor-intensive industries windows, low barriers to entry, expansion of previous years, leading to overcapacity. Some sectors of the deep-seated contradictions and problems of traditional industries in the high-growth period of the doors and windows had been temporarily masked, began to gradually exposed. Channel access urgent home improvement building materials industry is facing new breakthroughs, new transformation.

       Doors and windows need to focus on regional industrial structure and layout

    At present, the international division of profound adjustment of domestic industries, China's eastern coastal industry to accelerate the pace of the transfer of the Midwest. Doors and windows can also be used in central and western regions rich in natural resources, low factor costs and market potential advantages, and actively carry out the transfer of industries, not only conducive to the doors and windows enterprises to reduce production and operation costs, expand market coverage, will also help accelerate the industrialization of new Midwest and urbanization, promoting coordinated regional development, but also conducive to promoting economic restructuring and upgrading the eastern coastal areas, optimize the industrial division of labor across the country.

    And when the doors and windows during the transfer of the industry, we must pay attention to the regional industrial structure and layout of effective docking, to avoid the phenomenon of convergence, and even lead to new overcapacity. Midwest often there is a certain convergence of resources, especially in neighboring areas. Therefore, in the transfer process, doors and windows must be configured in accordance with the principle of optimization of resources fit the status of local industrial development.

    Therefore, doors and windows in this context, also need to find direction for their own development. In the case of industry structure changes, doors and windows only from the perspective of the whole market and enhance their height, to find direction for their own development in the overview of the global high-speed.

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