Dialogue windows 2013 forecast industry trends and future

Press time:2013-05-15

    By 2013, the windows and doors industry can be considered twists and turns, this year we heard the news of many companies went bankrupt, also witnessed the growth and development of many companies, in general, the doors and windows industry is still in the dark ahead. Currently, the doors and windows market situation is not clear how, but in order in the new year, the doors and windows play a turnaround, you have to understand the market situation and analyze future trends, and then develop a strategy to deal with.

       Development of door and window industry in 2013 will show a Ten Trends

    First, enterprise and innovation, new thinking to break through innovation, will usher in the tide of innovation.

    Second, a higher level of environmental protection will be mentioned, energy saving tasks heavier, interior design will blend with the environment quality.

    Third, the Internet model covering 65 countries, all the way along the 4.6 billion population, has become the industry development opportunities. Along the way of new market sector involvement will speed up.

    Fourth, personalized era ushered in consumer sovereignty, custom doors and windows development remained stable.

    Five is the traditional real economy will utilize this new Internet marketing tool, the level of information and e-commerce level steadily, while grasp the real economy and to improve the technological innovation of products more urgent doors and windows, the real economy is the foundation of the national economy, to give further recognition.

    Six enterprises through cross-border consolidation, the scientific use of capital leverage, bigger and stronger, the doors and windows industry investment and financing situation will be better.

    Seven is the channel sink, deep electric provider market has become an inevitable trend.

    Eight is the emphasis on policy-oriented research and doors enterprises to correctly apply the policies issued by the state to upgrade for enterprise development to help establish a consensus.

    Nine is the means of production equipment, intelligent, and further reduce employment risk, industrialized, automated process will further improve enterprise management personnel doors more competitive.

    Ten is dependent on resources and high energy consumption enterprises to speed up transformation, careful study of the meaning of green development concept, try to avoid removing the positive impact of industry overcapacity policy brought about by the elimination of backward production capacity increase.

    Local conditions to adjust strategies based on market trends

    First, in relation to the current market situation in the doors and windows, doors and windows product consumer group purchasing behavior and attitudes diversification, many products on the market, the market is difficult to get out in the homogenization of competition, the need for differentiated market strategy.

    Secondly, different windows clear market positioning and segmentation, and has a population specific and customer instability, health scale enterprises to make the urgent need differentiated product positioning, in order to attract a portion of the potential consumer market, improve the overall level of profitability .

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