Chinese doors in 2012 to seize the market these four points can not be ignored

Press time:2012-09-26

       In recent years, with the change of the consumer point of view, many people began to pay attention to Chinese wooden doors, wooden doors at the home decoration Chinese brand market competition is heating up, which also makes a lot of agents who, dealers were aware of the importance of service, but market competition in the rapidly changing, Chinese doors of businesses and services can really only do a good job of winning the market.

    First, through the social platform marketing

       Chinese wooden door dealer can put some strong entertainment photos or video sharing to a circle of friends, microblogging or sent to the Internet, to attract the eyes of users, but also to their own brand to do publicity. Entertainment means a lot, you can make a large investment may also small, the key is the heart! ”

    Second, to create a standardized installation

       After selling the machine, and even home delivery installation, including installation overalls, work caps, shoe covers and dust, installation kit, including a "small wrench service" line head is available? Can the door after politely civilized manner and owners exchange, etc. These not only embodies the brand's professional and professional qualities, but also to accumulate a good reputation. The so-called Gold, silver cup, as the user's reputation!

    Third, the product is the best

       New hand is just to market products, on the other hand it is not on the regional market, allowing consumers shines, prices are not comparable to similar products, you can be called new. Otherwise, if a product such as mixing wood processing wood doors, other stores already have, and stores just on, can not be called new. In short, the marketing, new products can bring the market premium space and high rates of return, Chinese agents to keep up with the rhythm of the doors.

    Fourth, the establishment of the sales team

       A person sellers, even if a high rate of return, but ultimately limited number, but if you have a team of sellers, cluster effect will be very obvious. So then into the next level, if the dealer where the regional market distribution network have been developed to allow multiple teams together for the dealer service, even in the middle a little profit margins, but the dish up, the rate of return is more than a distributor people more meaningful, the network built up, the brand with the coverage, the overall sales will zoom.

    2012 has already begun, for the wood industry is concerned, it is a new promotional war in full swing, and for the doors of dealers, fierce competition in the doors, select a small minority of Chinese wooden doors may well be a good choice, but since it is niche products, at the time of sale for the general public should have a lot of bother.

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