Seize the international arena doors enterprises "going out" to seek development

Press time:2006-06-23

       With the acceleration of economic globalization, trade between China and other countries become more frequent. Based on China's large population, rising consumption levels, many foreign brands have entered the Chinese market doors, promising huge consumption and growth potential of the Chinese market. Doors and windows for domestic enterprises should also actively seek to go abroad to participate in international competition opportunities. The only way to better eating "international market" bigger piece of cake.

       The introduction of foreign ideas and technology help enterprises to go abroad

       Compare fenestration products now on the market, the competitiveness of foreign foreign brands doors stronger. According to the survey found that the majority of our windows and doors enterprises are still dominated by SMEs, they open up competition in the market, managing competitiveness, innovation and competitiveness and policy environment are generally low competitiveness. The next few years, domestic doors and windows if you want to regain most of the advantages of the market, it must be reformed, and actively introduce foreign advanced production equipment, doors and windows, to strengthen brand marketing capabilities.

    Bringing in and going out are combined with each other. Only through the introduction of advanced doors and windows production concept internationally, and constantly update themselves, in terms of price, product quality, product and service better than the competition, faster to meet consumer demand, in order to gradually go abroad, to the international, in shine on the international stage.

       Doors and windows facing competitors seek self-improvement

    There is competition, there is progress. Without a long-term competitor, doors and windows easily complacent, lazy, and if there is something new to break this balance, it will make companies face enormous development crisis. Therefore, doors and windows must be prepared to see the market changing, always seeking to go beyond an object for himself and sustained improvements themselves, improve themselves, to walk in the forefront of the times.

    Obviously, long way behind closed doors windows and doors do not apply to current business. Faced with heavy foreign pressure doors and windows, go out doors and windows become now an urgent need to complete the work. However, do not face strong rivals, doors and windows is impossible to understand what the difference is their own, going out the doors and windows will allow enterprises to see the gap between itself and foreign brands and the need to improve the space.

    In the future, as international competition intensifies, domestic enterprises should actively doors and bringing in and going out, recognize their own deficiencies and improvements, in order to avoid their own behind.

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