Logistics Mishap become steel doors Enterprise Development "stumbling block"

Press time:2006-08-16

       Since the steel doors are relatively bulky products, and transport and network efficient information transfer large quantities of stark contrast, so the logistics demanding. Steel doors of businesses, how to solve the problems of logistics warehousing, reduce logistics costs and enhance service to become a key factor. While many steel doors electricity supplier boom fanfare performed, logistics Mishap become a stumbling block steel doors of business development, has become a steel door business problems to be solved.

       Steel door sill Logistics City Development

       Steel doors products are bulky products in the logistics industry, while the cost of logistics arises directly and weight of the product linked. Sales is not a single product sales of steel doors, if consumers buy a certain a product, the entire room must be unified ordering, so the logistics costs for businesses are spending a small fortune. Steel doors is the need for quality assurance, and to consumers must be intact when. The steel doors of the product itself easily damaged in transit en route, after the goods arrive, the delivery upstairs, installation requires enterprises to bear the cost of certain insurance premiums. This is in fierce competition in the market of steel doors enterprises undoubtedly increase the costs, and increased costs will make companies into even greater pressure.

       Enhance the quality of after-sales logistics alliance

       Improve the logistics system will help companies improve the steel doors on the after-sales service, to save logistics costs. Logistics Alliance is an effective development model reached a common interest between the steel doors of enterprises and distributors, and logistics providers. Through cooperation, steel doors companies can get lower transportation costs in the logistics side, and logistics providers through long-term cooperation contract with the steel doors of enterprises can ensure the company's normal income; steel doors of enterprises and logistics providers premise market positioning communication , the steel doors manufacturers can provide more steel doors reseller customer logistics companies, logistics companies and steel doors can avoid damage and the problem of delays in the transport process.

       Intense competition in the steel doors of the market today, the steel doors of enterprises want in the way of the smooth development of the electricity supplier, to obtain greater profit margins, it is necessary for the 'logistics' of this flawed implementation of logistics alliance. In this way, not only for the steel doors of their own electricity supplier development is a panacea for the entire steel door industry, will indicate the way forward electricity supplier of the road.

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