Light said that the transformation is useless! Windows and doors industry where to turn is the key

Press time:2008-06-25

       Today, the property market in the past, although there is no prosperity, but still a lot of buyers, as downstream industries home building industry, the demand is gradually increasing. However, with the diversification of channels, doors and windows industry is being "foreign hand" Pa go. Faced with this situation, the doors and windows of businesses need to accelerate the pace of transformation, and actively seek a breakthrough of the law.

       Doors and windows industry is "foreign hand" Pa go

       Real estate as the upstream industry, but also in the high-growth era, the main real estate group would still choose to change the channel rather than store electricity suppliers, communities and the environment falls immediately, resulting in a collective "cold" situation. In addition to changes in the real estate industry, the deepest feelings of windows and doors industry is undoubtedly "been robbed", hardcover residential real estate, building materials market extends to furniture, home improvement company packaged solution, the company's overall soft loading doors solutions, designers, etc., are by different aspects and ways to seize the traditional doors and windows market, the situation is extremely complex.

    Some people may think of the rapid growth of recent years "custom doors and windows," China "custom" fire, the core of the problem is the lack of a unified standard foundation before building design, interior design, window design. More and more housing prices push "Residential hardcover" and because this can reduce costs, improve efficiency, cooperation and win-win. Traditional retail channels in recent years, the doors and windows facing a huge challenge, the terminal stores into the store rate, traffic, customer price fell three indicators shouted, apparently the owner was diverted. Here in addition to the previously mentioned cross-border upstream channels robbery, the growth of new channels is also one of the reasons, such as windows and doors electricity supplier. In fact, the doors and windows of the electricity supplier is not terrible, terrible is not adapt to the times change, the Internet is an inevitable trend, with its "Internet +", rather than "+ Internet", this year, many enterprises have achieved good results.

       Road doors and windows industry transformation how to walk?

       In the future, real estate hardcover technology must be a trend, there is a tax-driven housing prices, cash flow-driven, value-driven package, sell-driven, profit-driven reasons, housing prices will be strong integration of upstream and downstream industries. In the future, cross-border consolidation must be a trend, the channel entrance is changing, how the entry are likely to become a consolidator. Before coming, home improvement does not implement modular, custom doors and windows must be a trend, personalized must also have huge profit margins.

       Although we have heard a lot of opinions, but really can do very little, because always follow, lead times must be the leader. Future, doors and windows must be multi-channel market, there is competition there is cooperation, we not only opponents, but should become teammates, because change is never one of the words, you need to pay the entire industry together.

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