Industry "winter" advent doors and windows need to seize the initiative

Press time:2009-07-16

       By 2009, China's economic development has entered a new norm, the specific performance of the economic slowdown, but also need to adjust the economic structure, the entire home building industry has also undergone a major challenge, however, although the competition is fierce, but it is a growing business opportunity more. Today, the doors and windows industry "winter" has arrived, doors and windows need to seize the initiative, the passive to active, in order to continuously enhance their strengths, to obtain a more sustained and healthy development.

       Doors and windows need to seize the initiative

       Dominance of the home that one can make money whether the moment, the second is to see whether there are long-term development, the third is whether manufacturers happy. "Right now able to make money" is to ensure that products doors and windows to the force, the terminal pin, spreads stable, orderly market, dealers have a reasonable return. "Long-term development", that is, the enterprise should have a clear development strategy and objectives, ongoing market base and brand building. "Cooperation to happy" is that enterprises can timely response to market requirements for dealers to solve problems, to carry out a high level of service doors and windows to achieve win-win cooperation.

       Increase investment to strengthen the competitive advantage

       Doors and windows for the market to continue to invest resources and manpower, just put the direction and intensity of changes: the purchase incentive from simple channel play money and terminals, a gradual transition to strengthen product promotion, brand communication and consumer communication direction, so that both doors and windows help dealers move the terminal network development and product sales, so dealers feel deeply corporate support, improve dealer loyalty, but also make corporate brand would be enhanced in order to strengthen the regional market competitive advantage.”

       Constant change to create advantages for development

       In the long run, companies continue to enhance the competitiveness of the doors and windows doors and windows brand influence and products to win consumer loyalty, to win to convince dealers and support, after all, the market is relying on strength to speak. In addition, the doors and windows but also in philosophy, business model and operational management, constant change, and truly become a reseller eyebrows make learning organization, so that dealers will be willing to follow the business go. Faced with more and more rational and strong partner, doors and windows only adhering to the "create greater customer value" as a business philosophy, continue to grow their own strength, improve access service levels, in order to always be the initiative in their own hands .

       Today, the development of windows and doors industry generally unsatisfactory, many companies struggling in the quagmire morass, you want to achieve "re-energized" have to understand the situation, the use of techniques and methods of the "initiative" taken away from him, to create a competitive advantage for enterprise development

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