How to break through three doors industry pain points?

Press time:2010-03-16

       Windows and doors for the development of enterprises, in the development process will encounter various obstacles. Among them, investment, inventory, brand management, the three invisible "pain point" gradually. For the period in dispute brand brand windows and doors, only to get rid of the pain points in order to achieve better development.

       By investment, "seek" Growth doors enterprises need restructuring

       The past two years, as the market slump, the shop is difficult to ensure "survival", if the number of dead to open a group, not a good thing for doors and windows businesses. Enterprises are facing restructuring, transformation from the original single investment service providers. Insiders said that the majority of the assessment before investment staff look shop, now not only to shop but also to strengthen the assessment of the dealer's service, not just "sell" no "to keep the shop." ”

       How to break through three doors industry pain points?

       This approach has reference significance for windows and doors industry, at the show, most companies prefer the "hunger marketing" or even "kidnapping marketing." Guests leave the show to visit the product business, "supplied with delicious tastes," and held with the "brainwashing" effect of outstanding dealers share the Assembly, send gifts, send lottery, so that dealers sign single, and then sell it the industry has long been an open secret. But such tricks can not help but seem too "utilitarian", doors and windows companies to sell in new markets, the need is to find the right dealer, was dubbed as "find the object", is which dealers can understand products, companies brand concept is particularly important, especially in the past two years, the business is more difficult, more and more difficult to open new stores to survive, companies should be careful. By seeking to increase investment, the inevitable need for transformation.

       Stock remains high capital chain threatened

       In addition to the investment a "pain points", the stock remains high, like the "chronic" as daunting. Someone said: "A lot of firms are not starve no business, but when business is good to do, hard to do inventory, last Cheng Si." High inventory windows and doors industry has now become a major "symptoms", even as the industry remains high stock difficult to digest, now appears a group of specialized business inventories acquired company, this part of the "loophole" of the company in general from the enterprise by 2,3 fold at a discount acquisition of inventory, profit from. For inventory problem, the industry said that if the production cycle is too long prone to inventory, control the production cycle = inventory control. Long cycle costs will be high, the product price will be reduced, and more likely to accumulate inventory.
        For now, in addition to shortening the production cycle, to need to change the original stock model, multi-store inventory semi-finished products, reduce inventory pressure. Inventory of issues, from the beginning of last year there were signs that most companies have to sell low-priced inventory, to ease the problem of capital chain tension, and from last year to now has gradually fallen due to funding strand breaks and the closure of a number of businesses, seen solve the inventory problem has been "imminent."

       Single-brand and multi-brand operation "game"

       Familiar home industry people know that large companies at the same time its general operating multiple brands, especially in recent years, swept the whole home, home business is to expand the whole chain brand, which for a single brand is undoubtedly a "walk a difficult path." Over time a single brand operations, if companies want to multi-brand development, will become increasingly difficult, but if we give up the original business strategy, select multi-brand operation, also requires courage, a few years ago to break multi-brand help businesses expand territories , and now multi-brand is also facing great pressure. Looking back at the end of last year, experts predict the real estate market downturn comment further spread doors and other home industry, in 2015 the market will be more difficult, do not want to really come true, in gold, nine silver ten after experiencing tragic impact on the market, many companies is "pain sleep vain feel ", can only be discontinued, disable the enterprise to adjust the business.
        Merchants transition support business, to adjust the production cycle in order to control inventory, single-brand and multi-brand operation of the "game", the three industry only "pain point" tip of the iceberg, in addition, ferocious power business also made doors and windows, "surprise." Doors and windows only really in the market "turbulence" brought "pain points" to achieve a breakthrough, in order to better win the market.

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