Hold four tactical help to achieve transformation brand windows and doors

Press time:2009-03-30

    In recent years, the development of the entire domestic industry is not optimistic, but it failed to stop the capital entered the door and window industry enthusiasm, the entire window market old brand competition increasingly fierce. So many brands, how to stand it? Upgrade is very important. The doors and windows of businesses in the development of the road, a good grasp of the four tactics, can only help enterprises to achieve transformation

       Fierce competition in the market as the norm

    "The market is like a piece of cake, before the cake, cut a piece, we have to eat, and now the cake is so big, grab more people, if you did not grab it taken away, you can only go hungry." doors and windows of a well-known brand leader in parables way vividly illustrates the highly competitive market situation gradually towards the normalization of the status quo. However, insiders pointed out, "This is the best of times, worst of times," the company has determined to change if the doors and windows, thinking of change, innovation courage and action, which also is an era full of opportunities.

       Four tactical boost brand transformation

       In a different era, operators face different challenges. 20 years ago, as long as the product can be successful; 10 years ago, the channel can be successful; five years ago, do active marketing, terminal blasting can be successful. But today's thinking to change, "Today is the consumer brand + Internet era," the industry said, "brand marketing transformation and upgrading is the only way, in the change of the times, with innovative ideas can subvert tradition." In this context, doors and windows core business is to do word of mouth, the user as a friend. Only in this way, companies will be better to go further.

    Specifically, in the windows and doors industry, the development of the brand there are four key tactics: channel, teamwork, marketing and service. Channel branding is king; the team is the foundation of everything; have the channels and teams, select a category, and insist on this category continues, sustained marketing, account for a growing share in this category, eventually becoming king; and service is the ultimate goal of each brand and the highest level. The industry believes that the world is not cheap, only cheaper, blind price war is not desirable, so that the above four points, the brand will form and produce products and brand value, followed by the price, which is well-known brands doors and high-volume reasons.

    Competition in the market environment changed dramatically in the background, doors and windows only closely follow the development trend of the times, accelerate change, in order to achieve better and faster development.

    Conclusion: easier said than done, even if doors and windows can comprehend four tactical essentials, it may not be able to implement the action immediately. Time never et al., That is a load Arm seasons, the environment is changing, doors and windows if not understand the flow, then the industry will eventually be eliminated.

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