Four doors and windows industry future development topics

Press time:2007-09-21

       With the windows and doors industry, trade issues are also increasingly prominent. Doors and windows market in the future how to develop, become a lot of doors and windows business owners are considering. Development of an enterprise is inseparable from the quality of the product itself, is also inseparable from the product branding. Future development themes windows and doors market, what does?

       Health and environmental protection of the door from green materials

       Although the standard green products identified by countries vary, but will emphasize the characteristics of the product should be beneficial to human health and environmental protection. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) White Paper, the air inside the world of two-thirds of the building of harmful gases overweight, of which more than 64 percent of the pollution comes from wood products. Green product development direction of the doors and windows are in the interests of sustainable development and the direction of industrial consumer market, and the country, is imperative. Windows and doors of a person responsible for the enterprise market analysts pointed out that building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society is the basic national policy of China in the future of sustainable development. Doors and windows is one of the necessities of life in people, while protecting the living space, an important part of maintaining the health of consumers is also a non-negligible.

       Quality products knocking broader market

       The market can not be opened, the most fundamental is how basic or quality of goods. Refers both to the inherent quality of goods quality product also includes merchandise external morphology. A good product must be internally and externally.

       Person in charge of a brand windows and doors, windows and doors industry to glory, doors and windows must be strict quality control, from selection, cutting began strict supervision, substandard products are not allowed to play, self-discipline from the source, build our own quality. At the same time we have to pay full attention to the external form of commodities, with the improvement of people's living standards, people's quality of life have higher requirements.

    Door features long facade is not just home, more and more people want gates also carries decorative role, reflecting the will of the owner's personal, home style. Style is minimalist or ornate, color is bright or heavy, the style is modern or traditional ...... these elements are closely linked with the quality, factory doors and windows need to pay attention to it now. Make their own quality not in a day, but for tomorrow's market, quality must be erected today.

    The only way for the internationalization of China's doors and windows

    Chinese windows and doors industry to the international, its strong momentum and advantages of private entrepreneurs who had an indomitable spirit up, which is what China dare doors in the global economic winter shouted 'globalization' of raw power. The second is the low cost of Chinese human resources. Human capital mentioned here, including not only the production of human capital also includes the cost of scientific research personnel and management team, the cost relative to other countries of the world is relatively low.

    Brand show doors and windows enterprise comprehensive strength

    The industry generally believe that the doors and windows industry production design process has yet absolute advantage, brand development is windows product promotion, an important way to sustainable development. Brand which covers a wide range of content, from production to packaging and then to services, in the final analysis it is a corporate empire 'comprehensive national power', must be sufficient attention. In fact, in our daily life consumption, focusing on 'brand' choice is actually focus on product brands. To this end, doors and windows enterprise in the development process to a timely branding their products, so brand driven effect, adhere to the 'green, green, nationalization' and other development themes, future-proof doors and windows market.

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