Doors and windows Enterprise: Internet era to promote the network can not be ignored

Press time:2006-11-28

       The rise of the Internet in front of the office network to promote technology has been increasing, a new economic era tile business branding is not just limited to the traditional model, network promotion also give a lot to enhance the brand image, won a lot of word of mouth, the key lies how to tile companies to weigh and put to good use.

       The use of high weights platform to promote the network

       High weight platform refers to the high weight of some of the forums, microblogging horizon, watercress, Youku, paste it, etc., I find that when you search for something on Baidu had a lot of products have their own forums, microblogging. Tiles can also be built on the enterprise network-related microblogging, paste it, so that more consumers in entertainment but also to understand the products, consumers do not know if there is any place where we can also establish online Q & A platform, better the resolve consumer problems.

       The use of high traffic platform to promote the network

       The so-called high-traffic platform usually refers to the purpose of strong, high traffic network platform, such as some of the major portals blog, news sources. Tiles companies can stay in contact to promote learning method, every day to spend more time browsing the relevant paste it, microblogging, and many more to communicate with others on the tile, ceramic tile traded more stories to share, then the appropriate leave their contact details, so not only does not seem contrived, will attract some of the potential customer base.

       The use of high weight and high flow platform integrated promotion

       This method is the most common approach is promotion of soft paper, to ask questions on Baidu, it is sometimes see some similar "details, please see" the statement, this is the comprehensive promotion. When consumers ask questions, tiles companies can take advantage of soft paper to promote ways for consumers to see the product, understand the product, so consumers get answers to questions, but also to understand the product, of course, this way to promote and not just limited own Q & A platform, tiles companies can answer some more questions about the tiles on Baidu, so that more consumers know.

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