Cities too crowded! Why not seek business opportunities doors sink?

Press time:2008-08-18

       After years of development, the windows and doors industry brands are, the market is expanding, the competition heats up among the major brands. With yearly saturation and accelerate the urbanization construction of a second-tier market, the four-tier market opportunities gradually emerge, become windows and doors industry interests to develop new points.

    Three or four lines into a new machine

       Nowadays, saturation and accelerate the pace of urbanization construction market in first-tier cities are making windows and doors enterprises have development goals aimed at the four-tier market. For windows and doors enterprises, whether the market three or four lines to become enterprise development "Blue Ocean" mean? Door industry for nearly three decades as a domestic development of traditional industries, the number of firms in the industry in recent years, along with the increasing market competition increasingly intense. Nowadays, in addition to open competition within the industry, the competitive pressure on the environment but also makes a lot of business development into a more awkward situation. ”

       According to relevant survey, in 2015 in the second-tier brand windows and doors industry most consumers, over half of the total; three-line brands and local brands tied for second, followed, brands came in last. Windows and doors industry second-tier brand awareness, productivity, channels, and constantly improve the team in four major areas, the price advantage is more prominent, therefore, second-tier brands more popular. Meanwhile, statistics from the 2015 complaints involving Internet brand case doors, the local brands and no-name, although popular, but the probability of their biggest complaints, mainly because such windows and doors in order to hold down costs, poor quality and low much choice material processing, and therefore also the most quality problems; a second-tier brand for its quality of service are relatively mature, the smallest proportion of complaints.

    Forced enterprises to adjust development strategies

       With the deepening of the national policy of central China, western development, the window market has quietly changed, the emergence of new patterns. Because of its location in the eastern coastal region, among the nation's level of economic development, its high income level. Consumer acceptance of brand windows and doors are also higher, so high-end brand of choice for consumers, while the low-end brands and brand-name in this region will be phased out; the central region with the gradual implementation of the national "Rise of Central China strategy" central economic level continuous improvement of cognition and desire to buy windows are on the rise, thus contributing to the rapid development of the central door and window industry, the central market has become the most development potential and one of the largest consumer markets in China.

       Future market, high-end brand favored by consumers, the reason the price is relatively high-end brand of civilians, the majority of consumers in the affordable range. The three-line brand, while having a price advantage, but more complaints, cost is not high. In the remainder of brand choice, consumers pay more attention to price. In the long run, high-end doors and windows brand will dominate the future market, brand-name windows will gradually be squeezed out.

    In the next battle for market share, the doors and windows must also recognize that a structural change to the impact of their own development. Only time follow the market situation to go, find direction for their own development, make the appropriate strategic adjustments, companies can be more of a chance of winning the competition in the new market.

    Conclusion: In fact, a second-tier cities have already saturated the potential, smart companies know how to grasp the emerging four-tier cities, after all, a good way to channel sink market competition to deal with. Always concerned about the development of the industry trend, the timely adjustment of the development strategy is the key to the doors and windows industry to seize the market.

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